Glenn Harrington, Innovative Groundwater Solutions (scientist and colleague)

“Congratulations to you and Annette for delivering such a massive and monumental project so professionally and with such enthusiasm. Whilst I only had a minor part to play, I can honestly say that working with you both has been thoroughly enjoyable. Your collective wit and wisdom will be sorely missed by me!”

Rozi (former consultant)

“I’ve engaged Megan a few times to provide analysis of water and environmental law issues for projects I have been undertaking for governments. I regard her as one of the leading water-related lawyers in Australia and she is a pleasure to work with – reliable, thorough and pleasant.”

David (lawyer and client, making recommendation to book publisher)

“Megan is a greatly experienced water lawyer and one I and many others here hold in high regard. She is lovely to work with and I think it would be hard to find anyone more suitable.”

Wendy Craik (Independent Reviewer, Basin Compliance Compact)

“The professional and perceptive support of Megan Dyson has been invaluable and added significantly to the enjoyment of the task and the quality of the report.”

Annette Davison, RiskEdge (auditor and colleague)

“An encyclopaedic knowledge of administrative and water law and a wonderful sense of humour. I unreservedly recommend Megan for anyone who is looking for a high standard of water law and policy specialist, with a thoroughly professional attitude, who is easy to work with.”

Heather (client)

“Thanks Megan – your advice is extremely thorough – we will also consider raising this with the ACCC down the track. No further changes from me, and thanks again for the quality of this advice.”

Rob (client)

“I really enjoyed working with you on this process. It was a quite a learning process for me, and I especially appreciated your knowledge of the content and how you managed the meetings and the various stakeholders.”

Sarah (client)

“You have made what could have been an impossible task an enjoyable and productive project – thank you!”

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